MERIT M1 (1 Dozen)
MERIT M1 (1 Dozen)
MERIT M1 (1 Dozen)
MERIT M1 (1 Dozen)
MERIT M1 (1 Dozen)
MERIT M1 (1 Dozen)

MERIT M1 (1 Dozen)

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Introducing the MERIT M1 - Designed for empowered junior golfers who are working as hard as they can to advance in the game and are looking for an equipment edge.

It has the same materials and production quality as "Pro" balls, including a urethane cover and multi-piece construction.

Player Profile

The MERIT M1 is the MORE firm of the two models.  It's designed for junior golfers who are older and stronger, and have swing speeds OVER 80 MPH. 

It offers increased distance off the tee, improved control with irons and wedges, and greater precision around the green than "Pro" balls.

Conforms to USGA standards for competitive play. 

Playing Characteristics

  • Longer off the tee for slower swing drivers
  • Super soft around the greens for precise pitches, chips, and putts
  • Spin rates off irons and wedges like "Pro" balls

Design + Construction

  • Cover: Urethane
  • Layers: Three
  • Core: Junior Energy 70 Compression
  • Alignment phrase: "EARN IT"
  • 322 Dimple Cover

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Better Golf Balls for Better Junior Players

Longer Off the Tee

Gain 4-5 yards off with junior driver swing speeds and launch conditions vs. “Pro” balls designed for elite adults with faster swings.

Soft Around the Greens

With Urethane covers and multi-piece construction, our balls spin like “Pro” balls around the green and feel great off the club.

More Control

Softer compression means the ball stays on the clubface longer, increasing the ability to influence the flight of the ball.

Our story

What Drives Us

We started MERIT Golf as a son-father team with a goal to create a ball for competitive young players with a passion to work hard and get better.

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I like the M1S. It's a little softer than the M1. I hit it 12 yards farther than the USKids ball.

Merit golf

Hudson Taylor, 9 Years Old

I tested the M1S golf ball designed for younger players and shot 29 for nine holes - one shot off the course record.


7 Year Old Youth Player

I've had the privilege of testing out these new balls designed for youth golfers of various swing speeds and the results are great! I'd say they're doing their job.


Older junior golfer

I love these balls. They're exactly what we were hoping for when we started the project. You're going to want to be one of the first to play them in a tournament.

Stephen Eidson

Co-Founder, 15 years old