Tour quality golf
balls designed for kids

Longer off the tee, softer around the green

I like the M1S. It's a little softer than the M1. I hit it 12 yards farther than the USKids ball.

Hudson Taylor, 9 Years Old

I tested the M1S golf ball designed for younger players and shot 29 for nine holes - one shot off the course record.


7 Year Old Youth Player

I've had the privilege of testing out these new balls designed for youth golfers of various swing speeds and the results are great! I'd say they're doing their job.


Older junior golfer

I love these balls. They're exactly what we were hoping for when we started the project. You're going to want to be one of the first to play them in a tournament.

Stephen Eidson

Co-Founder, 15 years old

For younger, slower swings


The M1s has softer compression, allowing the ball to compress more off the clubhead with the swings of younger junior golfers. It has the same Urethane cover and multi-piece construction to create the same spin and control performance around the green as the top Tour-quality balls.

For older, faster swings


The M1 has firmer compression, still optimized for youth swing speeds, but at the higher end, as they begin to approach 95+ MPH. With a urethane cover and multi-piece construction, it should perform just like the top quality Tour-quality balls around the green.

Our Story

We started MERIT Golf as a son-father team when we saw an opportunity to connect a golf ball concept designed for the slower swing speeds of junior golfers to the vibrant community of competitive players with a passion to work hard and get better. We're here for the birdies and the bogeys. We love the joy of winning and the way finishing behind helps us grind hard to get better. Thank you for following our journey as we work to bring these balls to our community.